Oh, the Internets, You Make Me Laugh

Ted Stevens, Internet ExpertOne of the more entertaining sociological aspects about writing a blog is that you can see the search engine terms that lead people to your site. My friend JP commented on this a while back on his blog but I have to comment on it here because of a term I found this morning: “celebrities taller than my husband.” That search led the wife to this post. I doubt it was what she was looking for.

A wife seeking celebrities taller than her husband is curious enough, but even more so is that you would have to assume that Google knows how tall your husband is in order to return the appropriate links. Or maybe she was just looking for sites dedicated to women who are looking for celebrities taller than their husbands? I entered “celebrities taller than my husband” in Google and the first listing is a self-help group for women who are taller than their husbands. Who knew?

Whenever I post about my favorite reality shows Everest: Beyond the Limit and Ice Road Truckers, the next day I find search engine terms like “Tim Medvetz is an idiot” or “Hugh is a dick.” So… there are people out among this “series of tubes” looking for others who feel the same way they do about their favorite reality show’s boneheads? Are they hoping to validate their disdain? Searching for kindred-spirits-in-mockery? Are they still angry from the show they watched the night before? I hope there is a sociologist studying this stuff. I think it’s fascinating. What a kookily adorable lot we humans are.

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