Diving in, Head First

When I get behind something, I tend to get behind it passionately. It is one of my more predictable, if not troublesome, qualities. So I’ve started working on the Obama campaign, signing up at MyBarackObama.com. I made 44 calls to New Orleans this weekend (of the 30 people I actually spoke with, 25 were voting for Obama—it was a gratifying task). I’m organizing Pigspittle County’s Obama group and our first meeting is this week. And even Pigspittle being Pigspittle (read: red as raw meat), we have at least 20 volunteers planning to attend. If the word continues to get out, it might be more.

(All this in the middle of…say it like Bugs Bunny…gwant season. I have several grants due this week.)

This primary, this campaign is a brief, shining moment in history. I don’t want to miss one second of it.

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